101 Ways to Get a Cheap Ticket Back to the USA

63 - When stuck in a cesspool of immorality in Thailand, here's a great tip on getting back home for under 10¢: Claim you've pulled off the crime of the century, say, like, you killed Jonbenét Ramsey. Not only can you get a free ride home, but you get first class treatment on the flight and you get a free pair of leg-arm-waist shackles to any destination within the continental United States.

I don't think it takes a whole police department to have figured out that John Mark Karr didn't kill the young girl. I guess to satisfy and appease everyone they had to drag him in, but I think it was a pretty safe bet that he wasn't the guy they were looking for. Too many things didn't fit with known facts, and despite the 'secret' evidence that the prosecution had, it appears that Karr was too obtuse of a piece to fit into the Jonbenét puzzle.

Posted on Aug 28
Written by Wayne Hartman