A Blue Ribbon--What?

Ya know, it's late at night (and I'll be sharing why in about a week), but I was thinking: If I were on national TV, what stupid thing what eek out of my mouth?

The reason I ask is this:  I was watching the Game Show Network one day and a new show, Camouflage, was on.  The game show host was asking a contestant what her favorite hobbies were and she said:  "I am a blue ribbon goat milker."


Yes.  A 'blue ribbon goat milker'.  I didn't know you could get a blue ribbon for such a thing.  Obviously there is some technique to it...

Anyway, I can't think of anything that ridiculous that I do, but may I be smitten with lightning before such a thing escape my lips on national TV--even if milking goats were something I really did.

Posted on Aug 8
Written by Wayne Hartman