Behind Enemy Lines

My Apple keyboard that I bought last August was having some problem with the space bar.  It was starting to stick, so I'd have problems getting space in when typing.  I called the Apple Store up at about 10:50am to see if I could bring it in for them to look at and they said that their only slot available at the 'Genius Bar' was for 11.  I hadn't showered or anything yet, but I flew out the door to try and get down there in less than ten minutes.

As I was walking in the parking lot I had a scary realization.  I was going to be walking into an Apple store wearing a Microsoft T-shirt.  Uh-oh.  I wondered if they would even let me into the store.  Or if they would make fun of me.  Or give me a free Apple shirt.  It was like I was wearing the uniform of the bad guy and was behind enemy lines.  The whole time I was there Mac vs. PC commercials were playing in my head.  I was clothed in a black shirt and jeans, but I felt so naked...

The M$ shirt at an apple store.

In the end they gave me a new keyboard.  Phew.  I guess they don't discriminate based upon the origin of your clothes.  Next time though, I think I'll pay attention to what I'm wearing.

Posted on Jan 1
Written by Wayne Hartman