Blogging from an iPad

I was able to get into the Apple store this morning using a secret technique to beat the crowds, just so I didn't have to wait in line for eternity. I've been using this iPad for a little while now and can say that I am both impressed and underwhelmed at the same time. The device is attractive, no doubt, and is very responsive, but some of the apps just straight up suck--especially the double pixeled ones. I'll post a photo later, but the apps designed for iPhone just look absolutely horrid on the higher resolution display, and I'm not sure how quickly some developers are going to be about updating their apps, if they even do it at all.

The keyboard takes a little getting used to. It is strange using all your fingers on a flat, smooth surface. There is certain utility in having tactile feedback when using your fingers. I keep trying to feel for home row but can't find it. It is also annoying that I can't get apostrophes for contractions without hitting an auxiliary button to change the keys. I think I said the same thing about the iPhone, though, when it first came out.

That said, the display is absolutely beautiful. Reading books on a device like this will be much easier on the eyes and arms than my iPod Touch. I am excited to watch a full length movie if and when I decide to get one. If I do, it will most certainly be the 3G version, owing to a lackluster experience with the Touch on being too dependent on WiFi for Internet connectivity.

All in all this is a great device that will replace an iPod very well, but not so sure for an iPhone. This is going to need some killer apps before it gets to that point, and I'm not sure the standard fare gives it that edge—yet.

Thoughts after coming home:

I've been spoiled. Coming home to the small screen of my iPod Touch has been a bit jarring, especially when doing things like browsing the web. I think typing will take some getting used to, especially since I have gotten so adept at typing with my thumbs on the small device.

Posted on Apr 3
Written by Wayne Hartman