Blogs, Tweets, Etceteras: Gateway To Self-Publication

I've been a big fan of Twitter lately, mostly because it allows me to post thoughts and ideas without having to spend the time necessary to making a full blown blog post.  The other part that I like is that it forces to boil down my thought to 140 characters or less.  It's a great exercise in being concise, though annoying at times because some thoughts require a little bit more explanation than allows.  Put both the power of a blog and brevity of Twitter together, however, and you get a nice pair of tools for self-publication.

The Internet in the past ten years has really opened up the possibilities as far as expressing yourself.  From MySpace to Blogger, there are endless ways that one can put their life on public display.  I've recently added my Twitter status to my main page that acts as an aggregation of everything me.  It's really a reflection of the zeitgeist of civilization where the Internet offers a unique possibility to dissolve borders. This isn't about anarchy or forcing one's world view on people. It is however, about people coming together irrespective of their location and having an intellectual, economical, and political dialogue.

Posted on Apr 20
Written by Wayne Hartman