Coloring Christmas Book

App Clips should be the new "free" app to allow people to try out the core experience for your premium application.

Coloring Christmas Book Icon

Later this week I am launching a new app: a coloring book. Combining Apple's state-of-the-art drawing experience with a fun Christmas theme, Coloring Christmas Book is a fun way to use your iOS devices to color Christmas themed pages. You can try out the core drawing experience without even downloading the app by trying out its app clip, Apple's new technology for bite-sized apps without all the commitment. This was a fun application to build and I am not ashamed to admit that I spent many hours coloring pages.

Coloring Christmas Book Icon

Right on the heels of this release, later next month I will be releasing a different coloring book app, Car Friends. When it is available, you'll be able to try out its app clip, as well.

App Clips are marketed by Apple as being something quick and easy to launch for ephemeral experiences, like food ordering, parking metering, etc. Additionally, I think that they are an awesome way for users to be able to engage in the core experience of your application without much hassle or commitment. Think of providing the first level of game, demoing a fitness app, or in my case, color a single page out of the main app. This angle on the technology really adds another way to allow users to try an app before spending the time to download the full experience. I'm excited by the possibilities on how Apple will make these experiences even more accessible.

Posted on Nov 10
Written by Wayne Hartman