Double Sided DVDs

This past Black Friday Sale I picked up a bunch of double sided DVD+/-Rs.  I mistakenly thought they were double layer DVDs (which can hold 8.5GB), but all in all, I get an OK deal since they hold 4.7GB on each side for a total of 9.4GB.  The other thing that I like is that they are 16x discs.  I've had two 100 stacks of 4x DVDs from Christmas two years ago that I've had to burn through, so finally getting my hands on these has been great as far as quickly burning data.

My only concern about having double sided DVDRs is that I'm used to having a front surface to be able to mark up the disc's contents for quick referencing.  Now, I just get a little white ring on the inside near the spindle hole.  The other main concern is I have to be extra careful not to put fingerprints, scratches, etc. on both sides.

Now that I have the discs, though, maybe I'll start flattening my DVD wallet...

Posted on Dec 25
Written by Wayne Hartman