Get Your Guitar Hero Fix While It Gets Fixed

In a previous post, I mentioned that all of us looking to get the real copy of Guitar Hero III will have to live without any GH action while the disc is being exchanged.  Activision will have all of us mail in our broken copies in order to get the fixed one, leaving us out in the cold while the replacement comes.  Until now.

I just discovered Frets On Fire, the free, open source equivalent for Windows/Linux/Mac. Sure it doesn't look as great as Guitar Hero, but the good news is that you can download obtain the Guitar Hero III songs (also I & II) to play on your computer. This means I can still shred away with my Wii guitar using a Bluetooth adapter and GlovePIE, a free wiimote library that makes using the wiimote on your PC possible.  You can get the guitar script here.

Last night I played La Grange and Anarchy In The UK with great results.  There are a few mods that make the game look like Guitar Hero within the limitations of the Frets On Fire gaming engine, if that's important to ya.  While Frets On Fire isn't as graphically pleasing as Guiatar Hero (even GH doesn't look that great), it's still fun to play.

Posted on Jan 24
Written by Wayne Hartman