Invisible Cars Are A Bad Idea

The other day while going to work, some guy decided to change lanes while I was turning right onto a busy street.  As I completed the turn, he came out of no where, honking, and narrowly dodged my car.  So, what's wrong here?  Well, number one, he didn't use a turn signal.  Two, it's illegal to make a lane change in an intersection.  Three, he wasn't even paying attention.

So this leads me to one conclusion:  invisible cars are a bad idea.

Think about it for a minute.  Having an invisible car would pretty cool for doing a bank robbery, speeding on a highway, or looking cool without having to show off to everyone.  But, it's bad enough when people can see you, let alone when you're invisible to them.  So, Mr.-Illegal-Lane-Change-And-I'll-Honk-At-You-Because-I-Can, I apologize for not turning off the invisibility cloak of my car.  I'll just make sure I can read your mind the next time you decide to break the driving rules.

Posted on Dec 11
Written by Wayne Hartman