Last Minute Gift Ideas

Well, if there's anyone out there looking to buy a Christmas gift for me and has ~$160 that they'd rather spend on me instead of feeding the hungry, you can hop on over to and purchase an nVidia 7900GS video card.

The wife has pretty much vetoed any possibility of purchasing one for myself (despite all the wheeling and dealing I could muster), so hopefully there's someone out there willing to help an ol' man and his gaming addiction. Half Life 2: Episode 2 is due out (hopefully) in the next few months, So making the leap to better card would be pretty nice.

For those without a sense of humor, I would rather you donate the money for someone else's Christmas. This year I get to go back and visit my family in Utah, and that's plenty 'nuf of a Christmas gift that I can ask for this year--especially when you take into consideration that I'll have to start paying for Kenner to fly next Christmas.

In the event that I'm caught up in the merriment of the season, Merry Christmas to y'all (yes it only took me 7 months to start talking like a Texan) and may God bless you in the year to come.

Posted on Dec 19
Written by Wayne Hartman