Much To Be Desired By Voice Recognition Software

Today's post is coming straight road some voice recognition software, and any mistakes you see are a direct result of the software is an ability to interpret what I'm trying to say.  We'll see how it goes.

One of the biggest issues with voice recognition software is its ability to interpret the way people talk there are certain nuances with how individuals pronounce words down wages on individual regional level that makes it difficult for software to interpret what a certain person is trying to say.  The software that I'm using is a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9.  It seems to be doing a fairly good job of interpreting what I try to say.  At first it seemed like it had a difficult time interpreting what I had said even though I had spent some time trying it using my bullets.  As you can see in that last sentence quite interpret voice correctly.  To test it out and went to Fox and read a story.  The store a red involve the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and rock Obama and I had to teach it wasn't Obama is present when traversing.  Different ways but obviously he doesn't know what rock is, but it definitely know what a rock is.

One of the things I was surprised that it was able to do, was understand technology terms like iTunes, blog, and other technical words.  I did have to teach a Blu-Ray, however, because they didn't know what that was bought by said brewery.

This software purports to be able to understand 99% of what you tell it, but I think it's really great is considerably less.  Did you catch that?  It was hoping to be able to use this software to dictate blog posts but I can see it I might need to train a little longer, or maybe it's just not up to stuff it all.  I'll get some more time, but I can see that voice recognition software needs a bit more time to mature as.

Who knows, maybe I need to get a better microphone.  In the end is just might be a novelty to play with one how it works with my two year old talking in the background and my one-month old screen as well.

Until then, may the force be with you.  Just kidding.

Posted on Feb 25
Written by Wayne Hartman