New Hosting--Again

I had been on for more than a month and was extremely satisfied with what I was getting until I ran into a couple of problems.  1)  I was not allowed to directly connect to my database, and 2) I wasn't allowed to upload files via my web application.  This presented quite a few problems because I felt that I should be able access my data without having to use their web client.  The problem that "broke the camel's back" was that my blog relied upon me being able to upload images to include with my posts.

So I did something a little daring.  Since the root of my hosting woes was having a host that was reliable and would grant me the power to do what I wanted to do, I decided to host it on my own server.  Not only that I but I decided to host several other websites.

Another "wife factor" reason is that it was significantly cheaper to do so.  Instead of paying $100+/year in hosting for each domain, I'm only really paying ~$7 for a domain name and then pointing it to my own web server.  I've been doing this for nearly two weeks now and I haven't had any trouble.

Let's hope it stays that way...

Posted on Nov 4
Written by Wayne Hartman