Not Guilty

I see a lot of buzz out on the Internet over the verdict on the Casey Anthony trial.  I don't watch TV where a lot of the action has been, so I have been mostly out of the loop on the day to day happenings.  Thank goodness.  From the sound of things this trial seems to have played out much like the OJ Simpson trial: play-by-play analysis, extra-court opinion, people ready to send her to the gas chamber.

And so it isn't too surprising that people are upset that the jury found her not guilty of murder.  I think the whole thing stinks, personally, but justice has been served.  Before we bust out the lynch mob and pitch forks, remember this:  We live in a society where we value the innocently accused.  So much so, that we're willing to let a few bad guys off the hook because the evidence doesn't lend itself to a guilty verdict.

Another way to think about it is this: whether she did it or not, Casey Anthony will have to live with this the rest of her life.  The system has done its part, maybe we should move on?

Posted on Jul 5
Written by Wayne Hartman