Obama To America: OK Not To Pay Taxes

News came in earlier today of Obama's pick for trade secretary, Ron Kirk.  Surprise (or no surprise) that he too owes America nearly $10K in back taxes.  He's the latest of Obama's cabinet picks to join the ranks of tax evasionists in the new administration.   Tim Giethner, Tom Daschle, and Nancy Killefer all had their tax problems brought to headline news, but it has only been Geithner who has had the audacity to stick through the Senate proceedings to be comfirmed.

What's going on here?!  It seems like Obama's surrounding himself with a bunch of crooks.  The message he seems to be sending here is that it's OK to not pay your taxes unless you get a cabinet position in the White House.  I don't have any plans for such a job, can I stop paying too?

Despite high hopes, I've been disappointed in how Obama has been managing his own house, let alone all of America. I wonder what other dirt his henchmen got on them...

Posted on Mar 2
Written by Wayne Hartman