Say 'No' To Tatiana Del Torro

So I'm a closet American Idol watcher.  Last season was the first season I watched, but more importantly it turned out to be something that my wife and I could watch together without the other one cringing or outright leaving the room.

So with the thirty six contestants picked, there were two real upsets.  First, Jamar Rogers.  The guy obviously had great talent and a great voice  so it came as a great surprise that he got ousted by the judges.  My wife was so disappointed that her eyes got all teary eyed up.  It's a shame because I think he would have gone far in the competition.

And then there's Tatiana.  Every time that I see her onscreen my fists ball up and I turn to my wife and tell her I just want to bop that girl on the head.  Why is she so repulsive?  To me the American Idol competition is about finding the best--not just the best voice, but finding the best artist.  I think one of the finer qualities of last year's winner, David Cook, was his enduring humility.  He took his licks from the judges well and when showered with praise, he did not let it go to his head.  Tatiana is completely the opposite.  She's a very self-centered, over-the-top, selfish brat.  She has a decent voice, but she really lacks the polish of someone who could really make a career in the biz.  So, calling all Idol fans everywhere, for the love of all that is good, DO NOT VOTE FOR HER--SAY NO TO TATIANA DEL TORRO!

Posted on Feb 13
Written by Wayne Hartman