Swift, You're In

"If you have been reluctant to get on the Swift train, it's starting to leave the station."

Four years ago, Apple surprised the Mac/iOS development community with Swift, its brand new programming language. Swift was an intertesting take on having 'Objective-C without the C', but some design choices pretty much left with this feeling that it needed more time to bake. I swore in my wrath that I wouldn't seriously consider it until Apple shipped its first Swift-only framework. Well, that day has finally come.

With yesterday's announcement of CreateML, an Apple framework for developing machine learning models, it was revealed that there would be no Objective-C love for using this framework:

Despite my flippant attitude about not considering Swift until this moment, I have been writing Swift-only apps for a year and a half now. It is the future, as much now, as it was this time in 2014. Though I think that Objective-C will be with us for some years to come, we know that it has reached its zenith--and now reaching its first major milestone on a slow decline. It's time for something new to rise up and take its place: Swift, you're in.

Posted on Jun 5
Written by Wayne Hartman