TODOn't: Productivity needs a bit of honesty.

In a world so pent-up with task lists, To Do's, and an over-dependence on this concept of being productive, it's ironic that it's easy to forget that life isn't about lists, To Do's, and fitting into a world view of 'productivity'. What's important to you, the individual, will naturally get done. Everything else, if it doesn't get done, wasn't that important. You don't need apps, you don't need checklists, just a determination to put things into their proper order: what's really important to you and letting everything else drop off. It's really hard to let go, but all it really gets down to is self-discipline. Am I, or am I not, going to get this thing done?

One of my favorite games from way-back-when was Magic: The Gathering, a deck building card game. Gameplay was fun, artwork was superb. After a while, though, it seemed like the series was kind of full of itself, and well, perhaps a little too serious. Wizard's of the Coast released Unglued, a card set designed for a bit of comic relief.

And that's where we're at today with To Do lists: a need for some comic relief and a bit of catharsis:

I present to you TODOn't: an app that really gets you to let go. Put those 'tasks' in list, feel good about putting them somewhere. And then nuke 'em. Come clean and be honest about what you plan on doing with your day-to-day life and live it.

Posted on Oct 26
Written by Wayne Hartman