TV Networks 'Tuning In' To The Digital Age

C|Net News has an interesting article reporting on how the TV networks, more specifically NBC, are finally starting to leverage the Internet to publicize and even present their ad supported shows. For example, NBC is reported as saying that they will be streaming select TV shows 24/7 starting at 2am the following day of the premier of an episode. NBC hopes to be able to catch a wider audience that spends more time on the Internet than watching TV.

I myself find this to be a start in the right direction. Last summer ABC, in conjunction with Apple's iTunes service, allowed paid downloads of its hit TV series Lost and other programs. In the end this is a win-win for both viewers and content providers that has been a long time coming. As noted in the article, I too think that the TV age has pretty much met its summit.

The ability to download episodes even before their airing has been around for quite a while, so it's refreshing to see the networks adapt their business model to the rise of the digital age. I'm sure few envisioned a world full of iPods and other digital content devices, but their adaptation by content providers has been quite sluggish.

Posted on Sep 21
Written by Wayne Hartman