Verdict: Will Vista Stay?

For the past little while I've really tried to give Vista another chance. I tried doing development, surfing, gaming--all the activities that I do on XP, and I've finally reached a decision: let's wait for Service Pack 2.

I honestly don't understand why it takes so long for Vista to copy things over the network that should be really quick. I don't understand why my games run slower even when I have all the pretty glass turned off. I don't understand how an operating system that's suppose to be new runs like I'm using something so old.

I'm sorry Vista, I wanted to like you, I wanted to jump from XP to the new. I thought that despite your flaws, I'd be able to look past them and embrace the things you do well. But I can see that we both wouldn't be happy, and in the end it wouldn't work out.

But we can still be friends, right?

Posted on Mar 27
Written by Wayne Hartman