Vista SP1: I'm Still Not Upgrading

As many of you well know, I have refused to upgrade to Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista. I'm not happy with the myriad application compatibility issues, OEMs that don't want to write drivers for older hardware, the many performance issues that many gamers report, et all. When Vista came out early last year, I thought, 'I'll updgrade when Service Pack 1 (SP1) comes out'. Well, SP1 is due out early next year and it appears that it does nothing to fix any of the afformentioned prolems. In fact, it appears that it may actually make things worse.

For sake of disclosure, though, I left Windows 98 kicking and screaming, mostly for the same reasons I don't want to migrate to Vista. Win98 wasn't the most stable OS out there, but it was really fast. What finally pushed me over to Windows XP? Hardware. I couldn't get Win98 drivers anymore and the drivers I could scrounge caused BSODs all the time. By then, however, XP had been out for nearly 2-3 years and had finally found its happy place. But will I eventually give in and adopt Vista?

I'm not so sure, but I may take an alternate route. Something along the lines of a Mac.

Posted on Dec 13
Written by Wayne Hartman