Walmart: Service With A Snarl

Today we decided to do something adventurous, all in the name of having something different to eat.  We decided to get a BBQ grill.  We found one we liked at a reasonable price at Walmart, except that we didn't see any on the shelves.  Two Walmart employees and a little bit of wandering later, it was determined that the only one they had left was the floor model.  No problem of course, mentioned the employee, except for the fact that it wouldn't fit assemled together in our car.

Me: Now, can you go get a box and disassemble it so I may take it home?

Employee: Uh...we don't have any boxes. (oh noes! they're trying to steal ze boxes!)

Me: C'mon, this is Walmart, I'm sure you have tons of boxes back there.

Employee: Well, I don't know how to take it apart.

Me: You put it together, didn't you?

Employee: No, we have people that put it together in back.

Me:  Well, if they put them together, I'm quite sure that they would know how to take it apart. (Unioned BBQ assembling gnomes no doubt!)

Employee: Ugh, I'll be right back.

Five minutes later, the very same employee comes back with some tools and a pet carrier box and begins taking the grill apart.  So much for 'the guys in back' who do all the work.  It was quite laughable to see him use any excuse he could to not take it apart.  Sigh. To be nice, though, I assisted him in taking it apart since it was a two man job in some places.  It was also a good time for me to study how to reassemble it once back home.

I'm happy we were able to fit it in alright for the trip home and now it's ready for tomorrow.  I can taste those steaks already!

Posted on Jun 20
Written by Wayne Hartman