Wayne Hartman For Congress

Every once in a while I go check out my Google Analytics account to get an idea of how people are reaching my website.  A lot of my traffic is driven by Google searches, so imagine my surprise when I saw this term pop up in the list of key words:

wayne hartman for congress

I'm pretty sure that I am not the intended target, however, my blog does show up as the #1 hit for that search.  Nevertheless, I am fairly certain I am not a good political candidate, if for no other reason that I say what I mean and mean what I say.  Those traits are pretty much antithetical to a healthy political career, so don't expect to see any signs of my candidacy in the lawns of my fellow citizens any time soon.

UPDATE: 5 minutes later, Google is showing this post as the #1 hit of that search.  Bug (or feature) in the algorithm, Google?  That or self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.  Crazy.

Posted on Aug 1
Written by Wayne Hartman