Why Writing (With Pen and Paper) Is Still Important

Though penmanship has certainly taken a back seat to knowing how to type, I have come to this realization: it is important to be seen writing by your children so that they learn that typing or texting is not the only means of recording or communicating the written word.  Even now I am writing this blog post in the sight of my oldest son who is just starting pre-school, who, little by little, will be trained to take that awkward hand and make scratches with a writing implement.

I'm sure at some point he may ask himself why on earth he would care to write with his hand when he can much easily clack a button in rapid succession and record a message.  True, some time in the future everything may be in electronic form, but until the written signature or jotted down note or hand written drawing is completely replaced, knowing how to write with your hand is still requisite in society.

I must admit however, that writing this small post has cramped my hand; I do not write enough to keep those muscles accustomed to enduring such an arduous task.  I too ask, why write when I can type?  Perhaps, then, an appeal can be made to the Luddite in everyone: just because that's how it has always been and it works just fine.

UPDATE 28 AUG 2009: And this story the day after: ()[http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/08/emghandwriting/]

Posted on Aug 27
Written by Wayne Hartman