Will Someone *Please* Fire Steve Ballmer?

It's been a rough couple of years for Microsoft.  While the company is still making money hand over fist with its tried and true cash cows, Windows and Office, it is finding itself increasingly irrelevant in an age where resting on your laurels is oft rewarded with mediocrity and ignominy

Windows Phone 7 debuted with lukewarm results.  It has revealed only 1.5 million sales since launch.  Its first update came out today, apparently bricking phones of the poor souls, brave and willing, to hop on a platform that is more than three years late.  Bricking people's phone has only one adjective: pathetic.

Before it was the Vista debacle, a platform also years over date, under-delivering on features, and ultimately delivering a poor experience.

What is in the future?  Microsoft has yet to come up with a tablet strategy.  HP has dumped them in favor of acquiring Palm and hitting it out on their own.  Microsoft's answer: more touch screen tablets running Windows 7.  Seriously? That strategy hasn't changed in almost a decade since they came out with Windows XP: Tablet Edition.  And while Apple is eating their (and everyone else's) lunch they still do not have a a dignified response.

Will someone please fire Steve Ballmer?  He is a disgrace to the legacy of Microsoft and his so-called leadership is an embarrassment of the highest order.

Posted on Feb 22
Written by Wayne Hartman