Agony of 'Craplets'

I'm in a serious mood to buy a PC notebook before Vista comes out. Call me 'set in my ways' but every new version of a Microsoft operating system brings its own pains and angst that usually get worked out by the time Service Pack 12 comes out.

The one thing that is almost as intolerable are the 'craplets' that companies install on premade machines that you get from Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. They come with all these 'free trial' or crippled versions of software that slow your brand new computer down and try to extort money out of you. But no more. (Chime super-hero music). Someone has written a nice piece of software called the "PC De-Crapifier". Run this puppy up and it creates a list of all the software that has been installed. You select what ought not be on your machine anymore, and ->SHAZAM!<- your computer is 'decrapified'.

Now if I can get it to time-warp two years into the future and get me Service Pack 12 for Vista...

Posted on Jan 14
Written by Wayne Hartman