Life Saver In The Queue

There are times in my life where I reflect back and really wonder what people did back in the days without computers, DVDs, iPods, cell phones, etc.

I had to show up at the Justice of the Peace to enter my plea for a supposed 'speeding ticket'. It was an interesting experience that offered a 'cross section' glimpse into the people of San Antonio. Everyone gets tickets: The rich, poor, black, white, old, young--we all get 'em.

Well, when I got there this morning (at 8:45), it was freezing cold, and because this Justice of the Peace rents a little place in a strip mall, we all have to wait outside. I stood in line until around 11am and would have gone insane if it weren't for having an iPod. With movies. So, I passed my time watching National Treasure. I wasn't the only one.

What the heck did people do before little hand held devices like that? Who knows, but despite freezing digits, my 'Pod saved my life.

Posted on Jan 9
Written by Wayne Hartman