Animation: A Delight

I'm in the hard-core development phase of a new project that I hope to have finished in the next couple of weeks, but sometimes you have to take a break from the technical side and experiment with enriching the application. Animation are one of the ways in which you can take an app and really put some serious polish on it. Below are a series of demos that will be incorporated into my project:

Flock of Birds:

This animation includes several elements, a flock of birds, that get triggered when you tap on them, or when you tap on the power lines:


This animation is a little more complex because it involves animating the butterfly's wings in a flapping motion. The complixity increases when you tap on it and it 'flies' to a random location on the screen, while dodging and weaving along the way:

Subtle Effects Using Clouds:

Not all animations have to be flashy or attention grabbing. Adding a subtle animation effect can greatly enhance a scene, especially when users stumble upon them and 'discover' them:

Posted on Feb 21
Written by Wayne Hartman