Is computer science still worth going into?

Today someone asked me a very curious quesiton:  "Is computer science still worth going into?"  This was asked within the context of choosing between computer engineering (think electrical engineering) and computer science.  Whithout pause, this person then proceeded to ask me if I felt secure in my field.

Without hesitation I responded that software development will be in strong demand for a long time to come. But I am not so blind to the future that this couldn't change, either.  I told him that given my educational and entrpreneural background, I felt confident that I could completely change my career and find a way to deliver value and make a living, no matter what I ended up doing.

Economics 101: Given that we are creatures of insaitiable demand, opportunity abounds for people to provide value in the economic system.  In this situation, being able to 'pivot' and 'adapt' sound like buzzwords for a startup, but they are even more applicable for individuals seeking to eek out a living.  In all of the history of the Earth, there hasn't been a time like the one we live in where so much opportunity exists.  With the advent of things like the Internet, there is vast amounts of information and opportunity for learning and networking.  It amazes me how in this country we limit our ways of thinking and  growing, allowing others in competing countries to outmanuver and outsmart us with the very tools we crafted here in the United States.  For those that are troubled by rising gas prices, social upheaval, and the 1-percenters, know this: you are born in an age where there are so few excuses not to excel, not to find a way to provide value, and make it in this world.  It is not easy, it is not painless, and it does require hard work.

If there was one piece of advice I could give to those wondering about their future and what they should study: Don't frame your life in terms of what your career is (or is not), but rather cultivate a mindset of arming yourself with the tools you have at your disposable for the purposes of creating value. Ultimately, that's what the economic system wants: value. This inherently means that you will be constantly learning, always. Fickle creatures, we are: Our tastes and desires as individuals and in the aggregate are constantly shifting, meaning the ways and means of delivering value will change as well.  Success in this world doesn't necessarily depend on what you're doing right now, but what you're working yourself up to do in the future.

Posted on Feb 26
Written by Wayne Hartman