The Commoditization of Technology

A retweet of a video landed in my Twitter feed this evening and while it was extremely hilarious, it was also very thought provoking:

It's very campy, and was intended to be, but what gets me is that doing a nice, high quality parody like this would have been very difficult to pull off when the Titanic originally debuted 15 years ago. But even worse, how would have its creators distributed it? The commoditization of technology has not only allowed people to produce some really interesting (let alone convincing!) content, but it has created a channel through which it can really gain an audience. There was a time when there was no YouTube, no Twitter, no Facebook to allow something like this to really garner an audience.

In sum: as an audience we are not only consumers of the media at our disposal, we're increasingly the creators of it, too. And I think that is awesome.

Posted on Apr 8
Written by Wayne Hartman