Be Careful To Whom You Send Email

Sometimes the best joys in life are the ones that happen totally at random.  In this case, I received an email from someone who thought they were sending a mail to Wayne Hartman.  Just not this Wayne Hartman.  Ben says (leaving all poor grammar and spelling intact):

Well my girlfriends name is Taylor Poling she a year younger than me and she around 5 months. Since all that happened i didnt end up going to MU just going to missouri western in st joe, when she gets done with high school we have talked about moving to columbia or kansas city so i can get a fully accredited degree in business.

I was a waiter at this chineese retaurant for about a month but the lady that ran it was crazy and in my ear all the time so i left, we were never that busy so i didnt make that much money. Their system was kinda behind times also.

I love poker, i used to play all the time with my friends and take all their money and i play on pokerstas occasionally, but ive never played as high stakes as you have. Travis is it? told dad you were winning a lot in vegas.

Much love,


Five month old girlfriends, Chineese [sic] restaurants, and poker.  Sounds exciting! I'm just disappointed he left out any juice!  Well, goes to show that there is more than one Wayne Hartman in this world.  Too bad he didn't check to make sure he was sending it to the right one.

Posted on Oct 7
Written by Wayne Hartman