My Ode To Doctors

I hate doctors. Even more than lawyers. Yes, they are way worse.

In a doctors office, you are stuck sitting amongst the sickly of society. You have no idea who they are, what the have-- could it get me sick?!

I don't know of any service that when you make an appointment, you could be stuck waiting for a very long time.  It's not like taking your car to the shop.  At least there you can drop it off and go do things.  Doctors don't acknowledge you, don't respect you enough to keep the magazines stocked and updated, and if you are late, you literally have to pay for it. How about paying me if they don't start my appointment on time?

Those annoyances aside, the thing that kills me the most is how little doctors really know and understand our bodies and the diseases that afflict them.  They can guess and have limited ability to troubleshoot, but in the end they haven't a clue about the things that ale us.  Which is fine, because let's face it, our organism is one of the most complex and specialized structures we know of. It's just galling that doctors give off this air of authority and knowledge, exerting great care to make sure the perception of wisdom cloaks the truth of anatomical ignorance.

I guess more than anything, I would be satisfied if my doctor would just admit his lack of true knowledge, confess that he really doesn't know--then I would be satisfied and placated that the enormous and exorbitant amounts of money spent on snake oil was indeed misspent and mistrusted on a so called 'health care provider'.

At least with the lawyer, the premise of uncertainty of outcome is firmly established.

Posted on Oct 7
Written by Wayne Hartman