Demo Of The iPhone At The Apple Store

This is just a quick post from the Apple store at La Cantera Mall in San Antonio on a demo iPhone. I can already tell that the keyboard is little tricky to get used to, but in time I could see getting used to how it works. I'm sure my two year old would not have as much dificulty, but thisis OK I guess. The oprations of moving around from portrait to landscape mode are not as smooth as I would like, but overall I can't complain. I think that I will pass on it for now simply because the HD capacity just is not enough for my needs. I have an 80GB ipod that is nearly full with not just all my music, but my DVD collection, so a paltry 8GB would not suffice.


And there you have it. Looking back I see that I have quite a few spelling mistakes despite the iPhone's ability to help with that. Below is a photo I had my wife snap:

Photo taken with an iPhone.

I can't comment on the quality of AT&T's EDGE network simply because the iPhone was hooked up to the Apple Store's wireless network, but browsing around on the web was pretty nice. Being able to switch between portrait and landscape was useful. Portrait for skimming over content headings, then switching to landscape to read more details.

Like I had mentioned earlier, switching between the two modes wasn't as intuitive as simply turning it the other way. Sometimes I would flip it, but the picture would 'stick' and no amount of turning would fix it.

Hiccups aside, the device is pretty slick, but I'd like to wait quite a while before I get one. This leads to the deal breaker:

As I had mentioned at the store, the amount of disk space is quite ridiculously small, but what gets me is the price. The 8GB model of the iPod goes for A whopping $599 and that's just for the phone. Factor in that in order to even use the blasted thing you have to have it activated by AT&T. For myself (who already has an AT&T plan), I have to pay an additional $20/mo to just use it. That means that over the course of two years the iPhone will cost the following:

iPhone $599
AT&T additional charges (over 2 years) $480
Total $1079

$1079?! That's just a little too outrageous to me. I think I'll revisit this idea in a couple years when the disk space is significantly higher, some of the bugs are worked out, and the cost isn't so unreasonable. For those of you who adopted first, thank you for being the fall guys.

Posted on Jun 30
Written by Wayne Hartman