Safari For Windows

Today, many a Mac-fanboy cried out in anguish and web developers all over the world rejoiced: Safari, the default web browser of OS X is on the PC. You can download it here. It's true. It seems that Apple has broken down and ported their browser to the 96% of us who use a different browser.

Why the developer rejoicing? Well, unless you have a Mac, developing websites for Apple's exclusive browser has been hit or miss. It was pretty safe to assume that if it works in Firefox, it's safe in Safari, but we all know what happens when we start to assume. This brings the guesswork out to absolute certainty on how us web developers can expect our pages to appear.

While Apple purports that the browser is up to 2x faster than Internet Explorer (1.6x faster than Firefox), I don't necessarily feel that getting a page half a millisecond faster is really something to brag about. No, Safari (at least for me) is nothing more (and certainly no less) than another tool in the developer's toolbox.

Posted on Jun 11
Written by Wayne Hartman