Evolution of a Caveman

Last night I was going over the code of SemesterTracker.com and wanting to make some improvements, but all through the evening I found myself muttering 'What was I thinking?' This code (which is almost a year old) was absolutely terrible. It looked like a caveman wrote it! It was all written procedurally with no real concept of Object Oriented Design. There were even some class files that had multiple unrelated classes in the same file! It was embarrassing to say the least.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since I had written the code in a hurry. I was after all trying to just get it done so I could use it during the Fall semester last year. But still, it was very poorly written. But then it really dawned on me--I've come a long way in programming since I wrote that clunky code. I went from seriously disliking coding back into the realm of doing it for a world-class company. In a way I've really seen my own personal evolution from the primordial goop that has no semblance programming intelligence to someone who looks and knows what he's talking about.

And that is very satisfying. Until later when I review the code I'm writing now...

Posted on Aug 15
Written by Wayne Hartman