Toll Checkout Stands

Yes I made this up, but I think it would be a wonderful source of revenue for big stores like Wal-Mart. So what is it? Well, I find it very annoying to have to wait longer in line to pay for something than it did to get the stuff in store in the first place. So, I figure if I could pay an extra $5 to check out right now, it would be worth it. This would be especially helpful at Wal-Mart where they staff (on average) 1.372 employees on the checkout stands. I figure that my $5 more than compensates Wal-Mart for the minimum wage checker, plus electricity and other utilities, and wear and tear to their checkstands. The benefit to me is that I don't have to wait 15 minutes in the checkstand to pay for my wares. In order to qualify to receive my extra $5, Wal-Mart has to allow me to checkout right then. If I have to wait--at all--then I don't have to pay it. Anyone else want to join?

Posted on Aug 16
Written by Wayne Hartman