HP Warranty Support

Today's entry raises a glass to HP.  It seems that tech support for any company is a real pain, but my recent run in with HP support was a very positive one.

My new HP laptop started having problems with the hinge the screen uses.  Whenever I would open it up the hinge didn't seem to want to turn and it would cause the screen bezel to start popping out of the frame.  I'm not exactly was sure what the problem was, but all I did was pull up hp.com, chat with a tech, and they immediately sent a box with a FedEx label.  The box was then overnighted there, fixed, and overnighted back.  They were reporting that the repairs wouldn't be fixed until the 12th, so had I not checked my email this morning, I would not have known that my laptop was on its way back.

All in all I'm very happy.  Thanks, HP!

Posted on Nov 7
Written by Wayne Hartman