Wayne Hartman.com Site Redesign

I've been thinking this up and cooking the idea for a little while now, and the new site design is almost ready to go!  You can check it out beta.waynehartman.com.  Why the change?  Well, I've had the same orange/blue motif going since I launched the site in 2005, and so it was more than past due for a face lift.  Notice the absence of any 'shiny'.  I'm so sick of hearing people throw around the dreaded faux-techword 'Web 2.0' (although I hate hearing that less than hear people toss around 'SOA' like they know what they're talking about) that I purposely set out not to have any reflecting buttons or logos.  I still have a few little kinks to workout and finish making some images for lesser seen pages, but all in all it's about ready.

My wife calls it 'festive'.  I'm not sure what that means, but most of the feedback I've heard has been pretty good.

Now, I need to getting around to actually skinning my blog...

Posted on Nov 5
Written by Wayne Hartman