I Took The Plunge!

Last Monday I took the plunge and swiped the plastic for a brand new 80GB iPod. Verdict so far: AWESOME! I love being able to take my entire music collection wherever I go. I am especially excited to be able to watch movies, etc. on it and not have to worry too much about capacity. Considering I only need to make my movies in 640x480, a full feature length movie ought not take up too much space. ROCK ON!

So what does a working professional have use for an iPod? It is really nice to drown out all the office chatter when I'm 'in the zone' with coding, and is especially nice to listen when I'm walking to meetings throughout the mile long office building (that's no exaggeration, either). I also enjoy downloading news podcasts so that I can get caught up on all the current events.

Posted on Sep 29
Written by Wayne Hartman