President Obama

Whether you voted for the guy or not, one cannot deny the magnitude of Barack Obama's clinching of the U.S. Presidency.  Numbers are still yet to come in, but this election has seen a level of participation from a large cross-section of our nation, showing America's concern for it's future, both home and abroad.  While the tea leaves aren't revealing much about what the future holds, one can see that we have chosen to go down a different path than we have been going for the past eight years.  Early results are also showing that the Democratic party has accrued a substantial amount of seats in the Senate, though it is still in doubt whether they will gather the sixty total seats necessary to have a super-majority in that house of the Congress.

It will be interesting in Obama's freshman year to see the challenges that confront him, how he'll deal with them, and how the public will react.  We have a unique moment in history in which we will be asked what it was like when the first African American president was elected, to which we'll reply that it was exciting and uncertain.  Exciting because it seems that we have grown from our bigoted and biased past, but uncertain, not because he's black, but because of the economic and foreign calamities and troubles that have been layed before us.

Obama, I'm looking to you to guide us through these disturbing times.

Posted on Nov 4
Written by Wayne Hartman