My Father In Law Finally Approves

After 2 and half years of marriage, I think I finally won the approval of my father in law as a caregiver. He and my mother in law are visiting for the week, and part of showing them around has involved taking them to my work. I think on some level there was a reluctance to see me take their youngest daughter and grandson the farthest any of their children have lived on a permanent basis. This was especially true since I had received a comparable offer (at least salary-wise) right in Utah. However, after weighing my options and the entire package, USAA (in our mind) was far superior and offer us more opportunities than anybody in Utah could offer.

So you can understand what a relief it was to have my father in law tell me that 'this place was much better than working for L3 in Salt Lake'. Of course, would he have said that if we hadn't taken him out to lunch? ;)

Posted on Oct 12
Written by Wayne Hartman